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Achievement badges are earned by completing fun quests. Once you have completed a certain number of badge quests, you will receive a Tea Scout Level. Available Minnesota Tea Scouts Badges:

Black tea badge

Green tea badge

Herbal tea badge

White tea badge

Oolong tea badge

Puerh tea badge

Bubble tea badge

Iced tea badge

Sun tea badge

Take a Selfie

Tea Craft

Volunteer badge

International Tea


Presentation badge

Reconnaissance/Discovery badge

Recruitment badge

Cooking/Baking Tea

Tea Cocktail/Mocktail badge

Tea Adventurer

Host a Tea Party

Survival badge

Learn a New Skill

Tea Dueling

Tea Duel Official

Event badge

To receive your embroidered badge once you've completed the requirements, please fill out this google form at least one week prior to a scheduled tea scout meeting.